RHR Pools - Frequently Asked Questions about Custom Swimming
Pool Construction

1. What is the typical construction time of a swimming pool?

ANSWER - Typically 6-8 weeks, but the time also depends on weather, inspections and job complexity.

2. How much access do I need to be able to excavate a swimming pool?

ANSWER - There are several ways to excavate a swimming pool and RHR is an expert at "tight access" construction. For best economics and efficiency, a 10-foot clearance is needed.

3. How do we get started?

ANSWER - RHR Pools will provide a free design and consultation & construction proposal. From there, we guide you through the entire process. Please refer to the "construction' tab of our website for full details.

4. I would like a fence for my pool, can RHR arrange this for me?

ANSWER - YES! RHR Pools can help with all your screen, fence, or safety barrier needs. Protective barriers are required by law, so this has to be planned for. RHR Pools will assist you every step of the way with your pool barrier requirements.

5. What decking options do I have?

ANSWER - You have a great many options - including marble pavers, brick pavers, decorative concrete toppings and many others. At RHR Pools we have experience with them all and will be glad to discuss the differences and suitability to your pool project.

6. Need financing?

ANSWER - Need financing? Click link for fast and easy approval. www.lyonfinancial.net/apply

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